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The Challenge

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Get More Customers in 30 Days with the eBiz Marketing Challenge

eBiz Marketing Academy is a great way to boost your online marketing performance. Each day you will receive a new assignment as a stepping stone to reaching your marketing goals.

Whether you’re shipping, dropshipping or selling electronic goods and services, the Challenge will teach you invaluable skills to start you on the path to financial success. Get scored on milestones and win prizes. There are no losers in the challenge.

Post your progress on social media (list social media links) and on our message boards (link to forums) for bonus points.

How it works

  1. Fill out a short survey (link to survey)

  2. Read the eBiz Marketing Playbook

  3. Successfully complete a daily assignment every day for 30 days

  4. Fill out the final survey

  5. Share your final score on social media and on our boards

  6. Receive your prize

To help you on your journey, participants receive

  • Exclusive 30-day access to our Premium forums

  • Live weekly webinars and networking events

  • eBiz Marketing performance reports

Let’s get started!